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Get Organized with Me Today

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Are you ready to organize your house and personal life? I know that I always am. Organizing is therapy for me and a lot of other people. I love putting everything away and creating specific places to house my belongings. The hardest part is keeping things organized. The easiest way that I know to keep them organized is to put things back in their designated spot. Have you ever went to someone's home and nothing was out of place and went home and your house was the exact opposite? I know I have, and here are some ways that I have been working to get organized. This has helped so much in many areas. I want to share these with you today.

  1. #Clean out your purse. It's the easiest place for women to start. Find make up bags at the store, coupon books, small notebooks and whatever else you see to help keep everything in its place. Throw trash away as soon as you get home. If you keep receipts try putting them in a folder at home until you have time to scan them on your money saving apps.

  2. Create a #cleaning schedule. I try to do one thing a day that I don't normally do. Monday clean the microwave, Tuesday mop and so on. Make a cleaning schedule that fits into your busy life.

  3. Create a to-do list for every day. Buy a planner and write down each thing that you need to do or use the one on your phone or computer.

  4. Spend a day #organizing your desk and cleaning up your emails. Block spam and unwanted emails and delete the ones in the inbox. It is tedious but will make you feel so good when its cleaned up.

  5. Keep your gym bag packed. I do this and it saves me so much time. I keep shampoo, a make-up bag, bathing suit, towel. It saves tons of time and makes going to the gym easier.

  6. Pick out your clothing the night before work. This frees up a lot of time and makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.

  7. Have a drop off spot for your stuff like your purse, wallet and keys. This will help you make sure you don't forget something when you leave the house the next time.

  8. Have a small trash can in each room. The office, bedroom, and sitting room. This will help to eliminate trash and paper from accumulating.

  9. Use a binder or something similar for each project. As a writer and blogger this became necessary a long time ago. I also use them for projects at work as well.

  10. Unfollow people on social media that are negatively impacting your life. If someone doesn't put a smile on your face or #inspire you stop following them.

  11. Make your bed as soon as you get up. This will immediately make you feel like you accomplished something. What better start to your day.

  12. Try apps such as #Google Drive to organize important documents, pictures, and it even works on the cloud.

  13. Keep an updated list of things that you need from the store. We have one on the refrigerator that uses markers and erasers. It makes it so easy to know what we need from the store. It also can help safe money if you only purchase what you are out of.

  14. Take note of the restaurants that you want to patron. Use their #phone app to #save money and to check out the deals. This will make it easier to reach your financial freedom as well.

  15. Make a list of books that you want to read or #audibles to listen to.

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