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Beginners Guide to Organization

By Luci Phillips

How does it make you feel when you go to someone's house and everything is clean and organized? It makes me go wow! I want my house to be like that. When I started dating my fiancee I was truly amazed at how he knew where everything was. Don't get me wrong I was always pretty neat, but I didn't have the best organizational skills. I look around our shared office at all the trays and files and smile. I guess it rubbed off on me because now I am researching ways to have things even more organized. I would love to share some things with you that I am currently doing and planning on doing. We can do this together!

  1. Transform that junk drawer. With an organizer tray you will be able to change the name of the drawer to the necessary drawer. Everyone has the drawer that you keep bread ties, a few pens for writing things down in the kitchen, and other loose items. If it's worth keeping then it is worth having a home.

2. Construct a grab and go bucket. Make cleaning easier with an organizing bucket that allows you to take everything you need from room to room. This is especially good for cleaning the bathroom. We keep our cleaning supplies under the sink and over the washing machine on a shelf. They too are also in organizers. I just fill the grab-n-go bucket for whatever project that I am working on at the time.

3. Use over the door storage to allow for easier storage. I love taking advantage of over the door for storage. We have organizers on the door that leads out to the garage. It has our gym bags on it. We also keep jackets on it and an umbrella. It leads into the laundry room so it is just a great way to utilize space.

4. Color coordinate your closet. I actually looked into how professional organizers organize closets. They do it by color. Mind blown. It is a fantastic idea though. It makes it so much easier to see what you have and match things up. I haven't done that before. I'm implementing this one myself.

5. Organize your wallet. Keep cash in order of largest to smallest. Make a point of taking out receipts each day. When a card expires remove it from the wallet. You may want to keep it for awhile though. Things will come up that you may need that old card information. Especially with your computer or cell phone. A lot of companies use that for verification for accounts and you may need it.

6. Use hooks to organize jewelry. I was inspired when I saw this. You can hang your necklaces on hooks to keep them from getting tangled. So clever. I wish I had thought to market something like that early on. How did I not know about this?

7. Create a filing system. This is just part of adulting it I guess. I've done this since I was a newly wed. There are still some things that we keep on paper. Income tax documents, receipts, etc. A filing system is a must for me. I was amazed at all the clever storage options that are out there now.

8. Choose a desk with storage. Let's face it with covid 19 a lot of people are working from home. I have taken drastic moves to change my home office environment. It is a necessity now as everyone knows. It is really hard now to keep personal life separate from work. I have several computers at home that I use and other devices. I had to try to adapt to make it more organized and try to separate my side hustles from my real job.

9. Make the most of office storage that are actually bedrooms. Closet space can be an awesome thing to take advantage of. Pre-existing cabinet space is great to add boxes and organize whatever you like. Plastic tubs with supplies for your hobbies. It is really awesome if you can put shelves with rollers in it. Organize in plastic totes with tags on them. Check out the photo below. I love it so very much.

10. Organize your pantry. There is nothing better than going to the cabinet and seeing everything organized. I love an organized cabinet in the kitchen. It always makes me smile. It's always easier to make a meal or snack when you know where everything is.



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