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The End Doesn't Have to Match the Beginning

By Luci Fardo

The beginning can’t start from the most humble beginnings. I am often amazed by people’s lives. There is always an untold story of people of great success. I read one this week that inspired me. I thought that I would share it with you.

There was once a boy who started from very humble beginnings. He was born in 1841 in France. His father was a poor farmer and his mother a hat-maker. At the age of ten his mother passed away.

His father remarried and his stepmother was abusive towards the boy. As a teenager he finally left home unable to take the abuse any longer.

In Paris, he was homeless. He picked up odd jobs with artisans and craftsmen to survive. Even though the jobs barely allowed him to stay alive, but he gained knowledge of metal, stone, fabrics and wood. He developed a strong worth ethic and determination.

One of the people he worked for taught him how to make durable containers. He became known by luggage makers and began working for clients. This became a turning point for his life.

This farmer’s boy ended up becoming the personal box maker of Emperor Napoleon III. This gave him clients of elite and royal clientele. He married a young 17 year old and led a wonderful life.

He left the job he was working and opened his own store specializing in box making and packing. At that time traditional luggage was made from leather with a round top. He designed and created a canvas covered type with a tumbler lock to prevent theft.

After this invention it became a must-have item. The design ideas flowed and eventually caught the eyes of the fashion capital.

In 1867 he decided to expand and create handbags. These items were in high demand from the women of the day. He sold to French royalty as well as the Khedive of Egypt.

Soon disaster struck. The Franco-Prussian war erupted in Paris and he had to close his shop. His family joined other refuges in a cramped refuge.

When the siege ended he went back to a ruined village. The shop was luted and his workers had fled. Everything was destroyed.

Did he give up? No. He used the last of his savings to rebuild his business again. Within months the man had rebuilt his shop. He had also created a new luggage design with a striped pattern on them. The new design was loved by everyone and stylishly modern.

In 1885 the man opened his shop in London, England. This was the world’s richest city and the financial capital of the world for his products. It was operating on an international level now. This man began a billion dollar company. His name was Louis Vuitton.

This story embodies success from humble beginnings. It allows you to realize that no matter where you come from. No matter how humble your beginnings that you can always choose a different path. You can be your own success story. I hope that this inspires you to follow your dreams. Chase #success and remember that you can do it!


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