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New Year New You

By Luci Fardo

Well it is almost New Years. It is that time when we reflect on the past year. We evaluate our successes and examine where we could have done better. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I look back on the past year with pride. There are times when I struggled and times that I flourished. I have special memories this year. It is the year I got married. We have begun the process of building a life together. I am blessed to be surrounded by a supportive network. I have made mistakes that ended up being important lessons. I find the days seeming to pass quicker than ever. I guess it is because as you live longer you have more time to compare each day too. This makes them feel shorter somehow. You realize with experience that good times and bad pass quickly. I know that nothing last forever. And this constant flow and change is almost like a small rolling wave in the ocean.

I think that Michael Bassey Johnson said it best when he said. "There are greater things to be achieved in every new year, and each and everyone must prepare themselves to be great, not by words of the mouth, but by a lot of sacrifices." This is a truth that many don't see. When you make all of these New Year's resolutions to hope to achieve them is not without sacrifice. There is no way to wish things into existence.

You have to work hard to make them happen. First we must make a list. Second is to think of a plan to action in order to achieve these things that you resolute to make happen. Eric Thomas once said," This cannot be the year of talking, of wishing, or wanting. This has to be the year, you get it done!" This is not wanting a different life. Instead it is building upon the life that you have.

You have endless abilities and potential that is untapped. Trust me when I say that it is there! We haven't seen the end of our genius. If you are watching for opportunity to appear than it will. The important thing is to be prepared for when the opportunities show up in our life.

Don't misunderstand and see only what is here. Instead see what could be here. Yesterday does not define you. You have the ability to change and grow to become what you have always wanted to be. This is not a time for excuses. You have a finite amount of time on this earth. It's up to you to push through. Assess what last year was and move forward. Close your eyes and see the possibility. The future is in your hands. You can realize what is possible. Leave the past behind you. It is up to you to make the decision to move forward. Choose to be excellent. Make this year the best year you have ever had. Make those resolutions become real.

When you wake up on New Year's for awhile it will feel new. After a little while the newness will wear off. It takes awhile to see results for anything. Be patient and stay the course. To truly change is not to focus on the outcome. Instead enjoy the process.

If losing weight and working out is a resolution. To do this you have to enjoy the journey. You have to enjoy the small wins. Spend those extra five minutes on the treadmill. Show up and don't give up. The goal in everything is to not quit. Give attention to the action you are taking. If you have failed in the past. Try to do it differently this time. Don't focus on the finish line. Results will come because you said yes consistently, and continued when you wanted to quit. Once, you start achieving success it will be addictive.

This year can bring the dreams that are dancing in your head to life. You don't realize the value of a moment, until you realize this will be what you remember when you achieve that resolution you made. Whatever your resolution close the chapter on last year and see the beauty of the future. The future that could be. It is on your own terms. You are the author of your story. Only you have the choices that will be required to achieve those dreams.

You must have the ability to see what is not there yet. You can picture yourself on that vacation in Italy, picture yourself as manager where you work, picture yourself fit and smiling. Picture these things when time gets hard. I write a list each year for my career, fitness, side projects, and personal growth. I check it off as I achieve each one. I keep them where I can see them. I have them pinned up on a punch board by my desk. The check marks that are there encourage me when I feel like I'm floundering. I keep last years list next to the current one. I keep it there as a sign of encouragement. This helps me to push forward every day.

It is so hard to take action and leave that old person behind. After you take action it can be the easiest thing in the world. If you aren't content where you are. Don't be afraid of the unknown. The unknown is what you choose to make of it. Picture what you want and you can make it happen. Everyone has doubts and fears. The future has many paths. You have an opportunity to choose a new one. Success is waiting for you. Don't repeat the history, but blaze a new trail instead. You have an opportunity to attack your goals and manifest the future you want. What you see in your head you will hold in your head.

You must develop good habits while you are motivated. This will create a dicipline that will replace the motivation when things get hard. Every year is passing quickly. Don't make the same excuses as you did last year. You are never to old or to young to achieve your dreams. Don't waste your time. The truth is that time will pass anyway. Use what you have to get what you want. Don't have regrets next year. Don't give negative people power over you. You are in control of your own level of determination. Make sure you try to eliminate any distractions in your life. Make sure that you commit to doing what it takes to achieve these dreams and goals. You have to change yourself and sacrifice in order to achieve success in life. True success requires intention and sacrifice.

Don't blame others for lack of success in the past. Look at the things that you did wrong that caused this. Then make a plan to do better this time. You only win if you see that the responsibility for success and failure both lie with you. Look and see what you could have done differently. Spend your time seeing the lesson in the failure. Come up with a game plan so that if opportunity comes again you will be prepared. There are challenges in everything worth achieving. Don't quit. You are stronger than you think. You must be ready for the opportunities that come your way. You can't control when these opportunities come. You can control preparation. Take classes or read books to get ready so that when that opportunity shows up you are ready.

Tomorrow is not the answer. Don't put things off. What happens today is what shapes tomorrow. Each day you are creating your future and your fate. Only you are in control of this. People have the ability to weather the storms of life. You too are capable of achieving whatever you want. There are no limits or numbers you can put on your abilities. The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. You are always stronger than you think you are. You can't control how long it will take to reach your goals. It takes years to succeed at a lot of things. Trust me when I say you are at your best when you are moving towards something. Risks not taken are a loss. Find that star to hitch your wagon to. That goal is there waiting for you to get there. Make this the year you will start that journey to reach your goals.


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