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Managing Autoimmune Diseases

By Luci Phillips

I would love to talk to you today about managing your #autoimmune disease. That could be #mixed connective disorder or #lupus. When you get the diagnosis it is so stunning that you forget to ask a lot of questions. When I was diagnosed my family physician diagnosed me. The appointment at the specialist months away. That is when you look through the internet for more information. I found so much information that contradicted itself. One article says avoid bread and another says it is okay. I see know problem with following Paleo or avoiding nightshade vegetables. I personally am going to do the #aip. Autoimmune disease protocol diet. You restrict specific foods and then gradually add them back. I'll let you know how that goes. This article I am working on today is to let you know the signs of a flare-up. We will discuss the symptoms of a flare-up as well as how to manage it. Always seek advice from your dietitian or doctor as well.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease — the immune system attacks your own healthy tissues because it mistakenly sees them as foreign invaders

  • MCTD and lupus are chronic diseases — people who develop lupus will have lupus for the rest of their lives

  • MCTD and Lupus have many different symptoms and affect each person differently

  • Lupus is an autoimmune disease — the immune system attacks your own healthy tissues because it mistakenly sees them as foreign invaders

Even though sometimes we are in remission take note of these suggestions when flare ups happen.

  • Maintain a manageable schedule with time for breaks

  • Reassign household responsibilities as needed

  • Ask friends or extended family members to help around the house when possible

  • If you have children, talk to them about your lupus and how it may affect life at home

Make time for yourself. This will help you with stress and allow you time to adjust if you are newly diagnosed. Make time with with friends and family that you can talk to about how you feel. Keep them informed with how you are doing.

Another thing that is a challenge is work. I work at an actual job from home. This is convenient for me but it also comes with it's own challenges. I am actually at home and the bed is in the other room. Need I say more? I still go to work. I do take my breaks and try to stretch and take breaks as needed. If the physical or mental demands become too much you may consider changing jobs. Sometimes not working may be the best for you.

The flare ups for #lupus and #mixed connective tissue disorder or #sharp's disease are different for everyone. The classic signs of a flare up are as follows:

  • You may experience pain or inflammation in your joints, muscle weakness, fever, and fatigue or tiredness.

  • Your hands can become puffy and swollen because of fluid buildup.

  • You may see skin rashes, red-colored patches on your knuckles, and violet coloring of your eyelids.

  • There may be hair loss.

  • You may have digestive issues

  • Your lymph nodes, liver, and kidneys may become enlarged

  • dry ears

  • Sores in your nose or mouth

  • flu like symptoms

  • fingers and feet going to sleep or feeling numb

If you have these symptoms coming up reach out to your doctor or specialist. That way you can start taking medication to get it under control. I have joined online support groups personally. It helps to have others that are going through the same thing. Until next time stay well.


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