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"Top Five Habits That Will Transform Your Life"

By Luci Fardo

Today I decided to start work early and saw the update on my work computer I had been deferring every day was there waiting on me. I thought about my to-do list and how I am always rushing through things. I have a busy job and am a team lead and the task list each day is extensive. I am writing this article as I wait for it to update. I thought about the pilates class I had been teaching as well. I have been covering for a woman who is really good. I had a recording of it and I took the time to write down the entire workout only to realize the problem was I had been going through it to fast. Sometimes we are so busy trying to go to the next project or step that we are rushing through everything we do. I realize that sometimes we miss a lot in life from rushing and not being in the present. I thought about writing an article about this and about five things we can do to change our lives and improve them.

  • Scrolling on our phones. I did some research and believe it or not you will spend twenty years scrolling on your phone. That was a shocker. I don't know about you but I have a lot of better things I want to do then scroll on my phone. Studies have shown that this causes an empty feeling and can cause anxiety if you stop. We spend so much of our time looking at a computer screen or a phone. This is a timeless environment. Sometimes we need to just close our eyes at work and think about the outside. Think about something else. Step away from the computer and actually talk to your friends or family. We are almost starving for interaction. We spend so much time distracted that we are not in the moment. We need to spend more time off our screen when possible. Go to the park or outside. I work in a virtual workplace and it is sometimes so isolating. You feel alone when you are looking at the screen all the time. Being in the natural world is restorative. There are studies of being attention restoration therapy. It actually focuses on spending more time in the natural environment is actually restorative. It promotes health and people recover quicker from surgery and illness.

  • Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. If you work first shift or second shift it is really important to create a bedtime routine when you are off work. A great thing to do is to meditate or do a bedtime yoga routine. If you work day shift take a walk with your partner after enjoying dinner together. Turn off the television and play a board game with quiet music playing in the background. Listen to an audio book or read a book. Soak in a warm bath before you go to bed with a book. We need to take care of ourself in the way that will promote us feeling better and healthier.

  • Workout at your local gym. Aerobic activity promotes endorphins and listening to music does the same thing. Pilates and yoga are great to do things other days, but it is so important to not skip the aerobic activity. Make sure that you change up the routine to avoid being bored. If you do it outside you get the additional sunlight which helps you to feel better. Make sure that you are eating healthy food. Processed food increases the chance of dementia and so many other illnesses. We want to make sure we are caring for our bodies and also our minds as well. Where the thought goes and the energy flows is something I have found to be true.

  • Step outside of your comfort zone. Try new things. When you are driving somewhere take a different route. At work apply for new jobs and learn new skills. Make sure that you are reading and learning new things. Plan a vacation destination that is different from where you have been before. While you are there try new things to do in the area. Go on tours, go scuba diving, and visit local shops. Make sure that you talk to the locals. Find out where they go to eat. Avoid electronic devices and just be in the moment. Enjoy the experience of it all. If you have always wanted to do something go for it. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

  • Practice kindness to others. It really isn't that difficult to thank the cashier. Speak to the janitor when you see them. Open the door for someone. If you have a friend or loved one struggling ask them if you can help if only just to listen. Take part in volunteer work and you will receive more than you will ever give. Take your blinders off and look around at the people you encounter on your journey and life and give them a simple smile. When you smile you brain creates wonderful chemicals and you feel happier. Laughter yoga is one of the most fun things I have tried.


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