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Hello September

By Luci Fardo

Today when I went for my run I realized that fall is nearly here. It wasn't cold but I did need a light jacket. I could nearly feel falls breath on my shoulder. Coming in gently into the early morning hours. I looked at the leaves still green appreciating the color. I ran beside houses with beautiful flowers growing and took the time to appreciate them before the cold weather arrives. I thought about how fast time seems to go as I get older. A dear family member was diagnosed with metastasized cancer. I know how fragile life really is. I recommend that everyone take the diagnostic tests recommended to combat cancer.

On another note I was thinking about things that we can do this fall to enjoy and appreciate this time of year. I did some research on things to do and thought I would share my fall plans. You may enjoy doing some of the same things.

The Fall fun list

1. End of summer Concert

2. Watch Halloween movies

3. Read a good book

4. Decorate with Mums

5. Visit the local Farmer's Market

6. Embrace the pumpkin spice craze of fall!

7. Take a crisp walk in the fall air

8. Clean out the closet and get those comfy socks and yoga pants out.

9. Buy some Hot chocolate to have for no reason.

10. Buy some apple cider.

11 Make popcorn on the stove

12 Make a fall playlist

13 Buy some football tickets for games at your local university

14 Go hiking.

15 Make a fall playlist to listen to while you work out

16. Get that last summer sundae or ice cream cone

17. Celebrate the first day of autumn.

18. Go stargazing.

19. Bake pumpkin bread

20. Go apple picking.


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