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Finding Yourself

By Luci Fardo

Today I went to the gym and ran on the elliptical. I upped the endurance really high and worked out like crazy. I really gave it my all. I heard the little voice in my head that loves instant gratification. It was telling me to slow down. Don't go so hard. Your legs will hurt tomorrow. This morning I didn't slow down. I closed my eyes and thought. Then I opened my eyes and saw a woman who was new. She was a little on the heavy side and not in good shape. I thought about when I started coming to the gym. I was so out of shape. The elliptical was so hard for me then. Running would wear me out in five minutes. Now after almost three years all of it seems easier. I have to really push myself harder to get the satisfaction and to build my body the way I want it. My journey is ongoing and I strive each and every day to fulfill my purpose. Running is now an important part of my life. It feels like my body was somehow fashioned for running. My dream for physical fitness is to one day run "The Boston Marathon".

The journey of fitness and health made me think about other things. This made me think about how it related to life. It made me think about how in taking that first mile on the treadmill was the first step to so many positive changes in my life. I began to identify as a happier and healthier person. I needed a goal for going to the gym. I ran my first 5k and it felt so good to cross the finish line that I wanted more. It created a hunger, passion, and drive. This change was a first step in making other positive changes in my life. I decided to start this blog and podcasts. I wanted to become the light in the world for others that I was searching for. I finally figured out that the true light was within. I want to share some of what I have learned with you.

You can be a victim in your life or the master of it.

Have you been feeling helpless about your situation? Are you in a low-end job that you hate? Are you in an unhappy marriage? Are you on drugs and feeling like life is hopeless?

All of these are things that can become permanent. It is caused learned helplessness. You are training your brain to stay this way. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and poor health. You can't wait for the right circumstances to change. There is no perfect time to make changes. You must decide that you are not staying in this place. Make one positive change in your life. If you are reading this blog or listening to this podcast than you must be yearning for change. Make one positive change in your life. When it is comfortable make another change and so on. You have to change physically, mentally, and emotionally to really have a wonderful, happy, fulfilled and successful life.

You have opportunity every day to make decisions that will change your future.

What does it take to be not only successful but happy as well? You must do what you are fashioned to do. There are people out there who have it all and are unhappy. People focus on the outside world instead of focusing on the inside. You alone are in control of your mind and body. When you win the inner game you will win the external.

You can be complimented on your external beauty and intelligence and still feel ugly and worthless. If you focus on the inside and find what gives you purpose. Find what excites you. Find that true passion. Once you find this you can achieve great things. Achieving a goal will give you desire and momentum to do more. When you find this and focus on this you will be fulfilled with your life.

Your identity will change.

It takes as much work and energy to be average as it does to be extraordinary. Don't give in to the immediate gratification in your head. Instead of this push harder. Make forward progress each day. What is stopping you? What are you focusing on? Where focus goes your energy flows.

In changing these things your identity will begin to change. You will become the person you wanted to be all along. How you menatally see yourself in the future is how you will be. Do you picture yourself different than you are. Envision it and act like that person. Think about how you will feel then. Your mind works towards what you envision for yourself.

Surround yourself with successful people.

When you surround yourself with smart and successful people you will learn from them. It is a true change of perspective. I love being around people who are older and more successful than I am. It helps me to learn what they spent their whole lives to learn. I feel blessed when they share their experiences with me. If you surround yourself with people less successful or unhealthy it is you who will become like them and not the other way around.

Grow and manifest

The future takes time to manifest. To achieve that future it takes time. Do achieve the future you have to change yourself. You will have to change from limited beliefs to unlimited. Are you willing to sacrifice for what you want. If it doesn't take sacrifice it won't be worth achieving. Things that are too easy aren't as satisfying. Don't worry about being better than the other person. Be better than you are now or yesterday. This is the key to it all. Either give up or get up. You are meant to achieve.



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