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Deciding to Try a 30 Day Challenge

By Luci Fardo

I wanted to talk today about thirty day challenges. If you are like I was the first time I heard this phrase I wondered what it was. I read more out of curiosity than anything else. A 30-Day challenge is when you do one thing of your choice for 30 days in a row. You can start at any point (no need to wait for the 1st day of next month) and you want to do it for 4 full weeks without skipping a day.There are a lot of pluses when it comes to thirty day challenges. They are something that you try for only thirty days. You don't have to deal with a live long commitment. I can do most things for thirty days as I am sure you can too. One positive with trying for thirty days is that it helps you to easier create a positive habit in your life. You can decide after thirty days if it is something you want to continue. I thought I would share a list of thirty day challenges with you that I found that seemed like things I have either tried or may try soon.

  • 1. Walk thirty minutes for thirty days. If you are interested in being more active, but feel daunted by going to the gym. This can be a good step in the right direction.

  • 2. Drink only water for thirty days. If the idea of stopping the soda sounds good. Stop drinking it for thirty days and replace it with good old H20.

  • 3. Drink only two cups of coffee a day for thirty days. I think this is a good way to limit the caffeine, but not torture yourself. Remember that some coffee is healthy according to studies that are out there.

  • 4. Eliminate sugar and artificial sweetener for thirty days. Both are unhealthy for you and this is a challenge that I am going to try again sometime soon. Right now due to some health issues I am cutting out the artificial sweetener. A lot of those can cause cancer and that is a risk we should all avoid.

  • 5. Read a book for fifteen minutes each day. This can be any type of book that you want to read and may help you reconnect to an earlier simpler time in your life.

  • 6. Try to drink tea for thirty days. I love tea and there are so many different types of it out there. It is something that can really promote good health. There is something ritualistic to the process of preparing a pot of tea. I definitely want to try this soon.

  • 7. Try a new hobby. Try to knit, crochet, bake or something else that you want to try.

  • 8. Try to meditate or do yoga for thirty days. This may be something you love so much that you want to make it a permanent part of your life.

  • 9. Try to take a nap or rest for thirty minutes every day for one month. I recently rediscovered napping. I had been sick and am now working on second shift. I was still waking up at 5 am. On one of my off days I laid down for an hour and felt completely recharged. Sometimes you need to try things that haven't helped you in the past again.

  • 10. Eat only healthy fats for thirty days.

  • 11. Try giving up alcohol for thirty days.

  • 12. Try counting your steps every day for a month.

  • 13. Watch the sunrise every day for a month. Take a photo of it each day.

  • 14. Track your time for thirty days. Figure out where your time is going. This could help you to see how much time you are spending scrolling through social media. It could help you to figure out where you are spending your time well. Time is the most valuable commodity we have. It is up to us to be good stewards of it.

  • 15. Spend five minutes in prayer or self reflection each day. This is something that can be a way of seeking guidance or being thankful for what you have in your life.

  • 16. Compliment someone each day for thirty days.

  • 17. Wake up thirty minutes earlier each day for thirty days.

  • 18. Talk, text or call a friend each day for thirty days. Our friends and family are so important in our lives and we need to stay connected to them.

  • 19. Journal for five minutes each day for thirty days.

  • 20. Spend some time planning your work week and calendar for the coming week. This will make things less stressful and make better use of your time.



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