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Building the Best Year

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year celebration. We had a quiet one at home. I adore New Years Day. I feel that it is a time to check off the goals you accomplished and to create new ones. I keep a list of my accomplishments as well as my goals in my office so that I can see them each day. I urge everyone to create a list of goals. Fitness goals, long term goals, and goals for this year. How can you reach a goal if you don't plan for it? I have spent time thinking about what to write about and was actually looking for that special New Year's message to inspire everyone. I hope that these words will help you to embrace this new year and take control of your life!

You can't control everything. You can be prepared for when the time comes though. When opportunity or strife come along we must be ready for them both. You could read about and prepare for whatever goal you are trying to meet. You can also prepare for things that happen that could curtail it.

We are at our best when we are working toward something. If you aren't showing growth then you are just dying. Even when things are hard and you can't see the end goal near it is still there. So work through that day that you are struggling through. Go to the gym to run on a treadmill to prepare for that race. Whatever the goal remember that it is still there. Visualize it!

When something is your fault accept responsibility for it. If you made a bad grade then yes its your fault. If you were passed over for that promotion you should look at where you can improve your value. Ask your boss what you can improve on! Let them know what your goal is within the company. They will help you. If you aren't getting enough readers then you should improve the content.

Before something can become an opportunity its your responsibility to be ready for it. If something matters to you sometimes thats the value of it. The world may not always agree.

Nothing in life is mandatory. You are the author of the book of your life. If you don't like where you are headed then change the course. It is totally up to you. Tomorrow is a story that you are creating today. Procrastination kills so many dreams! Remember that always my friends.

I hope that everyone will build a year that checks many goals off on the life lists that each person creates. I hope that everyone improves their fitness levels. I hope each person who reads this finds success in their life dreams. Life has endless possibilities. Never forget that!

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