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Become a Happier Version of Yourself

By Luci Fardo

This morning was great! I went for my run around the block while the neighborhood slept. I enjoyed the solitude and the quiet and looked at the stars. It was a cool morning. This morning I was so sleepy when I woke up. I have made such a habit of exercise though that I almost don't even think about it. Just like always it gave me time to think about a lot of different things. These are some that I will share with you. These are things that will lead to the cherry on top of life. Happiness is always the true objective.

Your dreams don't come true on their own. If you want to be something you are not than you must do something you have never done. You have made it this far in life because something kept you going. In order to achieve things you can't stay comfortable. Good things don't get dropped in your lap. Even when you doubt yourself you must keep going. When you are in a struggle the only way out is to go through.

The odds of coming into existence is four hundred trillion to one. Think about that for a minute. That makes your life a miracle. Be grateful for that. Make sure that you appreciate the simple fact of being alive! We are on this earth for such a short time that we shouldn't take it for granted. If you beat those odds just being here than you can do anything!

I want you to become your best self and achieve happiness and success in your life. In order to do this you must be your own biggest fan. There are enough people in this world to put you down so don't do it to yourself. Shut down the negative talk in your mind. Stop comparing yourself to others on social media. Focus on surrounding yourself with the kind of people you want to become.

Everyone makes mistakes and struggle. It is what you do after that that matters. Don’t become what other want you to be. Follow your own life path. It’s better to fail at what you want than to live your life for someone else. The minute you start living your own life is the moment that you will really start living. Don't live with the regret of the life you didn't get.

Always try to focus on what you have. Appreciate the things around you. Don't be afraid to sacrifice to have the life you have always dreamed of. There is no such thing as overnight success. You are rewarded in life for the work you put into it. If you want to do something new the best thing to do is to study it. If you want to be an artist than take an art class. If you want to be a writer than study other writers. You can't be better at anything without putting in the time and effort to be the best at it.

Remember why you want to be successful. Make sure your why is big enough to keep going. In every aspect of life you need an end goal. You need to have a purpose and passion to keep going when things are difficult. Make sure that the sacrifice required is equal to whatever life you want to have.

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