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How to Achieve Happiness

By Luci Phillips

I have spent a lot of time in my life wondering why I wasn't happy. I would look at happy people and think that they were happy because of their circumstances or that something was just wrong with me. It took getting to the lowest point of my life and pulling out of it to realize that it isn't the conditions of my life or what I have, but how I respond to these things. I started listening to motivational speeches and reading stories about other people's success. Some of the things that I learned were:

1. Sometimes I use positive affirmations like: Today I will give my all!

2. I will be the example I want to see in other people. It starts with myself.

3. When you focus on good you will see more good.

4. If you are looking at the stress or negativity in life; you will both see and attract more of that too. You will actually attract negative people if you complain all of the time. Happy people won't want to be around people who are miserable in life. Like attracts like.

5. To be really happy give thanks for what you already have. A lot of being happy is appreciating the things that you already have.

6. Happy people are grateful people. Spend time in gratitude and intention.

7. Spend time helping others. This is so important for people. You feel better when you are helping others and contributing to society and community.


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