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What we Leave Behind

By Luci Fardo

This past week I have been really thinking a lot. The small town I came from has lost a lot of people do to different circumstances. This gave me pause to think and I would like to share this with you. I have read a lot online about those people #Facebook and other platforms. I thought about the different things that people had to say about these people. I’ve always heard that you can’t take “it” with you. I always thought that this referred to money. I don’t believe that is all you leave behind. Sometimes it is the memory of the time that you called and checked on that friend. Sometimes it’s the way you made the people around you feel. It is often that text with an inspirational quote. When I lost my mom this year it was the love that she had shone me over the years. Those words of encouragement she gave me when I was becoming the person I am today. With my husband it was curling up on the couch to watch television. It was the moments we shared as a family. The cook-outs the camping trips. When I think of my dad I remember summer days when he would wrestle around and play with me. It was that Sunday at church with him and the closeness we shared.

I have always longed to leave a legacy for my children and those who come after them. I wanted to inspire them to chase their dreams. In the world today there is so much opportunity. The loss over the years has made me see that maybe this isn’t what life is about. I want to leave a legacy of kindness. I want people to remember the times that I helped them. Being remembered as a loving and caring person who did everything they could to bring sunshine and joy into other people’s life. I know the moments I cherish of all of the people in my life. Appreciate all of your friend and families little gifts of sharing their life with you. That is truly what will be left when we are called home from this life. Each person who dies had unfinished plans. Take the time to say hello to your friends when you run into them in the store. Go ahead and text your loved ones. Go see those loved ones. Leave them with something to remember that will be in their heart when you are gone. I hope that I inspire or motivate someone to shine today.


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