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What the Fourth of July Means to me

By Luci Fardo

I've always loved the Fourth of July as a holiday. It was the time with family that meant the most of me then. As a child I loved the fireworks and as a parent I loved watching my children enjoy them. We carried on the tradition of cookouts and fireworks. I have also had the opportunity to share them with my grandchildren. I still equate the Fourth of July as a family holiday with some differences.

I now appreciate the country of my birth far more than ever. I watch the news with the negative press and it makes me angry. My ancestors fought and died for this country. I appreciate all of the soldiers devoted to our freedom. I have seen a lot of negative press about our government and the way it works. I appreciate the way our government is set up to balance power and prevent tyrants from rule.

I feel fortunate and blessed to live in a country where the lowest person can rise as high as they choose. I am happy that my grandchildren will grow up to be part of our wonderful country and I hope that they achieve whatever their hearts desire. I know things aren't as good right now as they have been in the passed. I do believe that things will change as they do with time. I hope that everyone stays strong during these times of inflation and trust in America's ability to change for the better. The flame of faith in our nation stays strong in my heart. Enjoy your Fourth of July and try to appreciate the sacrifice so many have given for this freedom.


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