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The Wedding

By Luci Fardo

I wanted to share with you that I once again walked down the aisle. We were married on June 11, 2022.

It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. I had several weeks before the wedding remembering my first marriage. My first husband died in a tragic car accident three years ago. That was the hardest time of my life. Later I met Brian and he was there when I needed him most. He was easy to fall in love with. He was calm, steady, and wanted to take care of me. Brian loved me when I was in the darkest place. We dated for a year before we became engaged. Then we waited another year to get married. It I thank God everyday for this man that I love.

For anyone who has lost their husband try to remember that there is hope. Learn from the loss. I learned that life was short and could be lost unexpectedly. This allowed me to be freer in that now I blog, write books, work at a fantastic company. The thing I learned from death was how to live. Every place I go I feel my first husband's spirit as I hold the man I love's hand. Don't give up when facing loss but instead appreciate the time you had. Look to the future and new beginnings.

My wedding to Brian was wonderful. It was a small wedding with friends and close family. Brian's dad performed the ceremony. My oldest son, Ryan walked me down the aisle. My junior bridesmaids were Brian's nieces and my two grandsons were the ring bearers. It felt magical as we stood there. I was so happy and it was just a day that I will remember the rest of my life. I hope everyone can take something away from the story of my life. I hope I can inspire someone out there.


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