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The Race with myself

Saturday morning marked a special day with me. I finally ran the 5K that I'd always wanted to run and am one step closer to the marathon that I want to someday run. I used to always start training for races and would quit soon after. I thought I was just too old, tired, and out of shape for running races. In January I decided to get in shape and I started going to the gym and running everyday and swimming. I was a little overweight and a lot out of shape and I couldn't run five minutes on the treadmill at first. I stayed the course and when I wrote my goals for the rest of the year I put the run marathon on the list. I can now run 8 miles on the treadmill so I went ahead and signed up for tracks for packs to raise money for a school program.

When I got to the race I was excited and got to see a beautiful sunrise. My fiancee and family were there to support me and I was a little unsure of myself as I lined up with everyone. There was another lady who was ten years older than myself that I spoke with as we lined up. She was excited about the race and told me that she ran the race circuit before covid 19, and was happy to be back The race began and I ran along with everyone else and passed people along the way. I hadn't brought my ear buds and regretted that soon after because a lot of people had theirs. I tried to set a steady pace as I ran and not wear myself out.

I thought back to a time was less self confident and had anxiety and depression and how I haven't reached all of my goals, yet. I have been trying to fulfill every hope and dream. I learned that it's never too late to chase your dreams. You only get one life and it goes by so quickly. My memories of my life went through my mind and it felt like this race was something that I was supposed to be doing. I felt like I wasn't racing against anyone but against myself. I had to fight an inner battle with myself to keep going as I passed each mile marker.

When I crossed the finish line my back was aching but my heart was light as a feather. I had the feeling of satisfaction that came with working towards something and finally achieving it. I hope this article gives you the motivation to try something you have always wanted to do because it will fill you with joy and may change your life.


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