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Ten Habits of Successful People

I have been reading and listening to a lot of interviews with the most successful people in the world. I have learned a lot from this. I found a lot of the interviews on #Youtube. I really enjoyed #Amazon Prime reading, audio books, and podcasts. This and the online libraries helps me feed my mind at no cost. It is the best use of my time I could have ever found. I listen to them at the gym and that is a wonderful distraction from exercise. The interviews and articles about people such as #Bill Gates, #Warren Buffet, and others gave me an idea for the blog. I am sharing these with everyone today. So read on to find out more!

  1. Set #goals- All successful people set goals. Setting goals should be the next thing you do in your life. Set mini goals to track your progress. Hang a post it of what your goal is that you are working from. I hang mine around my desk.

  2. Take responsibility for success and failure. Take responsibility when you do something well and when you fail. Make no excuses. Everyone has the option of blaming circumstance or other people. Take the lesson from every #failure. Learn and move on.

  3. Self-disipline-They have great #self-discipline. When you are alone will you do something beneficial? Make sure you have something worth more to do with free time than television or social media.

  4. Self-development. You can't develop if you aren't trying to improve through reading and mentors. The more you learn the more you will earn. You need to read about #successful people in the area you are trying to develop. Learn from their life's work. A person who has succeeded in those areas is a great mentor.

  5. Reading. #Successful people read and desire to be alone to read or listen to audio books. Learning new things help improve your strength and skills.

  6. Time management. This is essential. The most #successful prioritize the most valuable tasks first. They make sure they take this time to do what is necessary to reach their goals.

  7. Take risk. Without #risk there isn't a reward. The biggest #failure in life will be for things you didn't do.

  8. Keep going. #Keep going when you fail. Set backs happen to everyone in life. The most successful people know that success stories are being written every moment of their life.

  9. Find a way. Whatever is required they find a way to win. Make your mantra to find a way to meet your goals.

  10. They do what they #love. To be successful in what you love is the ultimate #life purpose. If you need to work a job you don't like to get there to do it that is fine. Make sure it is working toward starting whatever you love the most in life.


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