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"Spring Vacation"

Luci Phillips

By Luci Phillips

Spring is nearly here and with it vacation plans for a lot of people. I thought about this as I scheduled my June Honeymoon and much needed vacation for this spring. I thought that just like me there are a lot of others trying to think of the perfect location. It's always important to go somewhere that is beautiful. A place to remember back on as one of those important life memories. If you are having a family vacation you need things to keep active children busy. You also want to look at expense. We must face the fact that money isn't going as far these days as it did before the conflict and covid. Gas prices are escalating so it will cost more for everything. With that in mind I have researched and found some of the top ranked places for price and exciting and memorable things to do.

  1. Old Orchard Beach, ME

This beautiful area has an awesome beach for family and would be a great place to swim, fish, or kayak. They are also well known for the amusement park that is located there. The amusement park is called Palace Playground. This would be great for children and adults alike. You can also save money by pitching a tent by the beach.

2. Durango, CO.

This is an awesome place to visit. It has the #Durano & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. It is one of the best train rides in the country. The sites are spectacular. There is also white water rafting. There are hotel packages that come with the railroad passes.

3. Myrtle Beach, SC.

This is an awesome place that is fun for the entire family or that special get away. There is fantastic swimming and kayaking. For the sportsman there is #fishing. The seafood in the area is wonderful. It is fun for everyone. Romantic strolls on the beach. Find dining and fun.

4. Yellowstone, WY.

This is a wonderful place to get lost in nature. It has anything that a camper or hiker would want. There are resorts for the ones who don't want to camp as well. What better place to see the geysers. There are beautiful mountains and streams. You may be able to see buffalo and other animals as well.

5. #Williamsburg, VA.

Can you imagine just riding on a horse drawn carriage in historic Williamsburg?

This is fun for whole families or couples. After that you could go to Busch Gardens for fun and excitement. There is something for everyone here. I hope that you have fun wherever you go this spring. I would love to hear about your vacation.


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