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My Holiday Gift Guide

By Luci Fardo

It's holiday season in kentucky. The weather has turned cold and snow flurries are here. We have started Christmas gift lists. We always try to get that perfect gift for each of our dear family members. I actually #googled gifts for teenage girls. I was thinking that you may struggle with this too. I decided to make a list of holiday gift ideas complete with links.

  1. I know that most people have had a kindle at some time or another. If not they are fantastic. We download books from Amazon a lot! Reading before bed is the way I love to wind down in the evening. It is so nice on cold winter nights to curl up in bed and get lost in a book. The kindle starting at 114.00 won't break the bank.

2. Home safety is an important part of life these days. Things just aren't as safe as they used to be. This is also great to screen who is at the door and more. #Ring doorbell starts priced at a great price at 109.99 at #Amazon

3. With the chilly weather coming up maybe it is a good time to look at indoor activities to stay in shape. My gym isn't open before I go to work on the weekends. Sometimes the weather isn't fit for man nor beast. I found this amazing exercise bike on Amazon. Exercise bikes start at 129.00. Not bad.

3. If you are shopping for teenagers you realize how difficult that can be. I searched through the internet and found this on top picks for teenagers. I have already bought one for one of them on my list.

4. Another great gifts for teenagers or adults is a waterproof speaker. A fantastic gift for everyone. Most people listen to music, books, or podcasts. This is fantastic for the shower or the swimming pool. Check it out. It is a bargain under fifty bucks.

5. I love fitness and health. One of my favorite devices is the Fitbit. It allows me to track my miles by a glance. It also allows me to track cardio, sleep, weight and more. This is an relatively inexpensive device. It is only 69.95.


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