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By Luci Phillips

People often ask me how I stay motivated to excel at work and at the gym. I have given this a lot of thought over time and have come to some conclusions about that. I think everyone is motivated to some degree. You see people when they start a new job doing great. A year later they are looking for another job. You see people after New Years going to the gym. Then three months later they quit. I had to think about what makes me different. I wanted to share with you what I learned about the people that you see who are so dedicated and driven. They are excited and are literally dripping with success.

It isn't the motivation that keeps people excelling. Think of motivation as a spark that burns quickly and then burns out. You don't just need motivation. What you need is drive. Think of it as what keeps the log burning after the spark goes out.

Your goal is to make sure that whatever goal you have is something you actually want to do. Often people try to do things that are things the external world or other people want them to do. Sometimes people make goals they think they should make. Make sure that when you make a goal because it is something you want to do that you write it down. If it is to run a race then create a timeline for doing it. Come up with an action plan. Same for a career goal. Write it down and come up with the plan. Next make it easy on yourself to make it happen. Go to bed early. Set your running clothes out the night before. Lay the journal where you will write in it. It doesn't have to be all that hard. I love writing lists of my goals and checking those bad boys off as I complete them. It is the best feeling. Enlist people around you that are positive influences. Be it success or failure you are who you surround yourself with. The very minute I stopped surrounding myself with negative people I became more positive. I close with the wish that everything you do in life brings you joy.


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