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Montgomery Gentry Concert

by Luci Phillips

This past week was very busy. I have been going to cake tastings and other various meetings to prepare for my wedding. It is coming up in June and I am very excited about it. I work every weekend and that limits the amount of events I can attend. This concert came up and we decided to just go. It was on a Saturday night. After work we got ready and went and arrived at this small venue called Renfro Valley.

Renfro Valley is a small entertainment center in Rockcastle county, Kentucky. We arrived there and the first thing I saw was that it looked like a barn. It was a quaint and perfect setting to see my first country concert. Renfro Valley was built in 1939. This is a place to add on your bucket list of places to go see. There is an RV campground to use if you want to make a weekend of it.

Montgomery Gentry is now technically just Eddie Montgomery after the loss of Troy Gentry. The music was great and he has new songs coming out. The opening act had us join in and stand and sing The Star Spangled Banner first. When Montgomery came out I was amazed at his stage presence. The man has pizzazz. They performed all of their old music and everyone joined in. He did talk about the loss of Troy and how it had affected him. He dedicated a song to Troy. The band had new members that were awesome. He does have new music out and it was really great!

If you haven't already go to a concert at a small venue. Attend a concert that is a different type than you usually attend. I think that it adds spice to life to branch out and go new places and listen to different types of music. I strongly recommend it. Until next time Stay Inspired.



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