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Mind and Body Wellness

1. Mindfulness is a great way to decrease depression and anxiety. It can also increases the quality of life. Practicing mindfulness at work decreases stress. In fact Google offers classes online for staff.

2. Mindfulness improves quality of life for people with chronic health conditions. The strongest evidence is in people with cancer but also #chronic pain, arthritis, and other conditions. It also reduces the risk of heart disease.

3. Mindfulness can also alleviate stress by improving emotion regulation. This leads to a better mood and ability to handle stress.

4. Mindfulness also can help feeling flat and uninspired, head aches and migraines, clenching your jaw muscles and grinding teeth at night.

5. Mindfulness can improve being self-critical and critical of others.

6. When you induce a state of relaxation which can be achieved through mindfulness, another type of meditation, or other activities. You can also be benefited in the following :

  1. Higher brain functioning

  2. Lowered blood pressure:

  3. Lowered heart rate

  4. Increased immune system

  5. Experience calmness

There are also many apps out there to use to practice meditation and other calming apps. You can try. #Youtube has an awesome amount of #yoga on it as well. Just see what works for you.

Start a few minutes or hours a day practicing mindfulness while you exercise or drink coffee. Just think about what you are doing and clear your mind. Focus on your breathing while you do these things.

Another thing that I have found helpful for being mindful is to turn off all of my devices and read for thirty minutes in the evening. It relaxes you and allows your mind to settle down from the distractions of the day.

Along with the decreases in stress, mindfulness can also lower the incidence of burnout and turnover at work.

Here is a mindful schedule you can try to follow:

1. Monday: Gratitude-Find things to be thankful for. Include them in your meditation or start a gratitude journal.

2. Tuesday: Acceptance-Accept yourself as you are and others as they are.

3. Wednesday: Forgiveness- Forgive yourself first. Extend forgiveness to others for any past transgressions.

4. Thursday: Purpose: Think about your ultimate purpose. Where in your life do you find meaning?

5. Friday: Celebration- Make sure to take a day to celebrate the joy and positive things in your life.

6. Saturday: Reflection- Reflect on your moth or year. Make sense of the moment or.simply focus on simple awareness.

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