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I'm Getting There

By Luci Fardo

Every day I get up and face a new day just like you do. Every day I think about the day like a gift that hasn't been opened yet. I often do things out of habit. I get up and pour coffee into my cup and I sit in my chair and play Candy Crush. I go for my workout and shower. I straiten the house up and then I make something to eat.

Today I was thinking about how I can move up to a new level. I could learn the rules and dedicate my self to work more efficiently, but what if I completely recreated myself. What if I changed the rules that I have created myself. What if I took yesterday and put it in the past. Life is a game of levels. I show up everyday for my family and for my job. How can I transfer the I participated to I have dominated this game of life. When does what you are doing become not enough?

When the hard thing becomes routine and you find your old hard easy. Does this mean that I need to find courage to ask more of myself when the road is difficult. What if I gave every ounce of myself to this journey of life. What if I concede nothing? What if I I believe that when I am tired and feel defeat that I will continue to create my dream life. Things change and people do. I need to ask myself what can I do more effectively. What kind of mindset do I need to take things to this next level?

I need to be willful and full of purpose. I will not take the moment of just seeing the value of where I am. I need to see this as an opportunity to show up and be great now. There is valule to becoming exceptional in whatever I am doing. Instead of blending in I need to stand out. Doors open for people who are great at what they do.

When I am becoming competent in something that makes me happy. The process of becoming the best at what I do is what is the ultimate success for me. When you eject yourself into what you are doing and work and vow to do better it lifts you up and brightens your life. There is no secret to success. Success is a lot of hard work and progression is important, but you must cherish the opportunity that you have now. Always remember that there is something there that can become an even bigger opportunity. An opportunity to improve yourself. You can always find a way to do better and be better.

Show up everyday with a tenacity to improve yourself. If you have thirty minutes a day use it. Exercise, study something new, network with others. Other people are your biggest resource. Reach out to someone who is at a different level than you and ask them for advice. You can find value or an excuse. If you look around you its possible to find an opportunity to do something different for the day. The difference maker is not what college or background you have. It is do you recognize those opportunities around you. The details around you can be the reason for staying where you are or the reason for working harder.

Work harder, each day push yourself and do more than just showing up. Don't dodge difficulties. When you push through you can make it to unbelievable place in life. We need the very things we avoid. Being broken is a chance to be better than you have ever been. You must take risks to gain the reward. It isn't about being perfect but about rising to every occasion and being better than you have been before.


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