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How to use Behavior Modification to help with Weight Management

by Luci Phillips

I wanted to talk today about something that is very important to people now as much as it ever was. Weight management is a positive spin on using knowledge, self-esteem, and increased energy to take charge of your physical well being. It isn't about staying rail thin. Instead it is about achieving the important balance in life. It is important to feel good about yourself mentally. Gone are rigid diets and here are positive life choices focusing on both the mental and physical relationship we have with food. This is something that I personally started trying over a year ago. I welcome you to join me as I learn to be more kind to myself. I am getting rid of the negative chatter in my head about good and bad food. Food is just fuel. I am focused on drinking water, tea, and eating healthy foods. Like a lot of other people I fuel my body for what I hope to achieve. I would like to train for races, feel good, and look good. Let me how you are taking charge of your fitness goals. I will go ahead and supply some of the different tips and tricks that I use below.

It all starts at home.

  1. Try to eat sitting down and focus on the food. It's best not to eat while watching television, talking on the phone, in front of the computer or while cooking.

  2. Unless you are preparing a meal stay out of the kitchen.

  3. Have healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, or something like low-fat cheese.

  4. Don't buy unhealthy processed foods.

Work Environment

  1. Don't eat at your desk.

  2. Bring healthy snacks

  3. During breaks walk around instead of eating

  4. Using sugarless chewing gum makes food taste less appealing. Some studies suggest that this promotes less weight gain. Try it and see if it works for you.

  5. Don't work through lunch

Shopping for Groceries

  1. Don't shop when you are hungry.

  2. Stay out of the chips and snack aisles.

  3. Shop with a list. I do shop for sales on meats and produce too though.

Meal Preparation

  1. Chew sugar-free gum while you cook.

  2. Use a quarter tsp to taste food.

  3. Fix only enough for your family to eat at one sitting.

  4. If you plan to make something like lasagna freeze individual portion size for another day.

  5. Don't snack while cooking.

  6. Drink a large glass of water before you begin your meal.

Eating Meals

  1. Eat slowly. It takes twenty minutes for your stomach to send the message to your brain that it is full.

  2. Cut your food as you go.

  3. Take small bites.

  4. Stop for a few minutes and talk to your family or think.

  5. Drink water between bites.

Holidays and Vacation

  1. Keep tempting foods out of sight.

  2. Have low-calorie beverages and food on hand.

  3. Allow a treat day.

  4. No matter how busy enjoy the food and sights.

  5. Take food with you to cook yourself and eat out once a day.


  1. Make exercise a priority each day.

  2. If possible walk to work and as many places as possible.

  3. Always take the stairs.

  4. If you work from home exercise with hand weights and do simple yoga between emails or phone calls. Do leg lifts under the desk. Another great idea is under the chair bicycles.

  5. On the weekend try on a bike ride or take a walk.

Eating out

  1. Order a la cart.

  2. Order a salad as an appetizer.

  3. Share a high-calorie meal.

  4. Tell the server to put part of the entree in a box before they serve you.

  5. If bread is served only eat one piece.

Final Thoughts

  1. Make health a priority.

  2. Be realistic in your approach to your weight loss goal.

  3. Focus on long term health instead of weight loss.

  4. Make sure last but not least that you are doing this for yourself.

  5. Remember life is a gift and meant to be enjoyed.


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