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Hiking at the Pinnacle

by Luci Phillips

We had a beautiful day on Thursday. Brian had talked about going hiking for the past couple of years and we finally went. He had a backpack that was complete with a camel bag to drink water out of. I hadn't ever gone hiking with a pack so I took my gym backpack. I just put some water in it and was quite envious of Brian's set up. It was very convenient. Who knew? I realize a lot of people probably know about them. We drove the twenty minutes it took to get to Berea and parked in the parking lot in front of the visitor center.

The Pinnacle is a 6.60 mile loop trail. It is considered a moderate challenge. They have gorgeous lookouts at West Pinnacle, Indian Fort, Buzzard's Roost, Eagle's Nest, and East Pinnacle. It was a seventy degree day and the sun was shining so pretty in the sky. I hadn't been hiking in about seven years. I had usually hiked at places like Natural Bridge in Eastern Kentucky. I'm from Eastern Kentucky and we were surrounded by mountains all the time. I used to hike across the gravel road where I grew up. We had large mountains behind my house as well as across the road. As an adolescent I would mix up a ziplock bag of trail mix and take off alone. In the forest I grew up. I would spend hours walking up the mountains. There wasn't an actual hiking trail until I made one from walking there. It was so much fun climbing to the top of the mountain and looking down at my home and the barn that was up a dirt path beside the house. It was so peaceful just looking around at the trees and thinking about days before America was settled.

I loved the beauty at the Pinnacle though. It wasn't as steep as some places that I have climbed and it was relatively easy for me. We passed other people who were hiking as families. There were people walking their dogs. To be so close to the city and convenience and having the ability to get away for a little while was a treat. I thought about all the hikes I'd been on with my husband who passed away. We used to go on hikes together. I remembered how much fun we had and felt my eyes tear up as I climbed. I take a piece of him with me everywhere I go. Sometimes I see his smile in my mind and feel comfort. I looked at Brian who was happy and smiling and thought about how lucky I am to have someone so special in my life. I have truly learned to not take any moment for granted. At the end of the day it is the little things that are so very important. Taking a walk together at Lake Reba. Going to the gym Monday through Fridays and watching the sunrise every morning together. I feel so much joy and contentment in my life as I have grown older.

After the wonderful hike we went to Berea and went to eat at PapaLeno's Pizza. The line was long but the food was amazing. I ordered spaghetti and meatballs and it came with the breadsticks that are a taste of heaven. If you haven't been there go. What are you waiting for? It was such a good meal. I highly recommend trying it. It was the best St. Patrick's Day that I have had in years. I hope that everyone is trying to commit themselves to some form of exercise. Exercise and diet are the true fountain of youth.

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