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Great Side Hustles to Make Money

Have you ever wondered how to make extra money on the side? Christmas is coming up and with inflation we could all use some extra money. Do you have something that you love to do on the side? Sometimes the things you love can be monetized to make extra income. Who knows maybe some day the thing you love could be your full time job. I have done some research and have included a list with some awesome opportunities for you to check out.

  1. Freelance writing

  2. Blogging

  3. Start a business

  4. Rent a spare room out

  5. Travel writer

  6. Google Adsense

  7. Write a book

  8. Fitness instructor

  9. Make jewelry

  10. Web design

  11. Social media manager

  12. Yoga Instructor

  13. Sell things on E-bay

  14. Create an online course

  15. Deliver for Uber

  16. Baby sit

  17. Tutoring

  18. Buy and resell items on Amazon

  19. Crafting

  20. Artist



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