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Gratitude and Success

By Luci Fardo

I have spent time thinking about the longing of success. Everyone looks for success, money, and all that goes with it. We want more out of life. Some want a better house or a nicer car. There are others who long to travel. We spend a lot of time thinking about the future. I have dreams and so do most people. I often think about how to do better. I think about why some people succeed and others don't. I thought about some things that I have observed from spending time on this earth. I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

There are many principles of success. You can't have progress if you are preventing someone else from their progress. When you are climbing the ladder of success make sure that you don't hold anyone else back. If you take your foot off the rung to do this you will prevent your progress. You have to help others along the way. By doing this it will help you as well.

Gratitude is one of the best things you can give yourself. Be grateful for what you already have. If you spend all of your time complaining you can't be happy. Be thankful for having the home you have. Be grateful for having the money for your rent or mortgage payment. Stop worrying about what other people have. Instead try to focus on what you have in your own life. People don't want to be around people who focus only on the negative. Once you are grateful you will find more blessings in your life. This opens the door for them. It allows you to surround yourself with happy and successful people.

One thing about success is that there is a lot more pressure to excel. The more success you have the more higher the pressure to excel. If you want that job making a lot more money than there will be a lot more expected from you. One thing that people do is change the way they view the stress. I used to feel anxious or nervous when under stress. I changed that thought and started calling it excitement. Think about it for a minute. The main difference between the two things are in the way you choose to think about it.

Become a student of life. Failure is only there to tell you to try something else or choose a different direction. Learn from other people's success as well as failure. The darkest moments in life can lead to the brightest future.

Make sure that your goals in life are things that you will be proud of. If you find something that fulfills you than the money and success will come. The minute that I started trying to serve my tech companies and team mates instead of just performing the job I started earning a lot more money. More important I was happier and felt more fulfilled. When I decided to write initially it was because I thought that I could earn more money, I started having more readers when I started writing with more substance. I felt more fulfillment when I started actually helping others.

You must try to be true to yourself. Living a life of substance will make you happy and fulfilled. In helping others you will enrich your own life. Make sure that you also set boundaries for yourself as well. The more success in life the more that people will want from you. Don't confuse kindness and service for overextending and giving everything you have away. If you try to please everyone else than you will never be happy and at peace. People who ask for other's opinions do not know what they want. Take charge of your own destiny. Be the captain of your ship. Live this one life in such a way that you won't look back on it with regret.



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