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Get out of Your Comfort Zone

By Luci Phillips-Fardo

Do you ever feel bored with your life? Does it ever feel like there isn't a difference from any one day in the past week or even month? I know everyone experienced this during covid lock-downs. I was thinking about this yesterday when I was eating my oatmeal. It seems like every day I eat the exact same things at the exact same times. Don't get me wrong I love the things I eat, but it made me think about other things in our lives that we do on repeat like a song stuck on repeat. I find the sameness of each day comforting in an odd way. It isn't always healthy to stay stuck in this pattern. The brain craves outside stimulation and change. Without stimulation and change it can create some depression in a lot of people.

The first thing we must ask ourselves is:"What is my comfort zone?" Your comfort zone is what you do when you have no stress whatsoever. For example sitting on the couch with your handheld device playing Candy Crush and watching Netflix. Now you know my guilty pleasure. It can also be staying home in your comfy clothes all weekend instead of going anywhere. You get the idea I am sure.

I do understand why people get in a rut. The reason I do is because its easy. You don't have to use a lot of effort to just follow the same routine. I do think that it is very good to step out of that comfort zone. By doing this you will get to reach your life at it's fullest potential. Get out there and experience life in the fullest.

Learn to speak up more. Tell your family what you want to do. Let them know what your hopes and dreams are. Start speaking up and being more present at work at home and wherever you spend your time.

I am listing suggestions for getting out of your comfort zone. I will try them and I hope that you will to. We are on this quest through life together.

  1. Listen to a different type of music. Make sure it is something you haven't listened to . There could be the greatest song that you have ever listened to waiting for you right now.

  2. Take an exercise class. I will try this too. I'm the world's for doing the same exact thing at the gym for weeks on end. I'll report back and let you know how it goes. Pictures for proof of this sweaty adventure.

  3. Go to new restaurants. This one I actually already do. Sometimes we find really terrible food, but most of the time that small diner you have never heard of in your life is where the true gems are. The greatest find I have located is a place called Proud Mary' in Richmond, Kentucky. It is by the river with the most amazing views. You don't even want to get me started on the barbeque and Cajun food. Mmmmm.

  4. Make plans for the weekend. I don't mean the same thing you always do either. Go to a festival. Go to a museum and grab a bite to eat. Do something different. Go kayaking. That is what I am going to do this summer.

  5. Try some different books. I have certain authors I love to read, but there are new authors out there with so many books under their belt you are missing. The best book is out there waiting for you in the library or that little book store down the street. I urge you to find the book!

  6. Train for a marathon. I am working on this myself. I actually made a friend at the gym who will remain nameless that gave me her contact info. She has ran the Boston Marathon. So much respect here. She has introduced me to local running groups and by writing this I am making a commitment to start going running with them.

  7. Try taking a different route to go places. I have driven places and not remembered anything about the drive. Changing up the route will help you to be able to be more present in your life. Get off of auto-pilot.

  8. Try a new look. I recently changed my hair style. I had been wearing it the same way for several years. It takes a little while to get used to it, but it made me feel better about myself.

  9. Try volunteering in your community or church. Time is the biggest gift you can give. This will help you as well as the people you are helping.

  10. Get creative with knitting, paints, drawing or dance. This will help you with stress and anxiety as well.

  11. Set a new goal. This can be a personal or work goal. Having a goal really helps you. Create a plan to reach the goal. This is healthy and makes you feel good as you track the progress.


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