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Four Things to Do Increase Positivity

by Luci Phillips

Everyone wants to be happy. The human nature though is to dwell on things that don't make us happy. We think about things that serve no purpose in our life now. If you expect success than you will succeed. On the other hand, if you expect to fail you will fail. Worrying will shorten your life. You are responsible for your own happiness. Think happy thoughts. Force yourself not to think negatively. Listen to upbeat music during the day. Go outside and listen to the animals. Go outside in the sun and feel the warmth on your skin. Replace worry with hope by creating goals. Try not to say anything negatively. I have a jar that I put a quarter in when I say anything out loud that is negative. It honestly made me start feeling happier. This is just to keep my own self in check. It has been life-changing. The process of change begins with the thoughts that you have. I want to make sure that I change for the better. I have written four things that I do each day to start my day off happy.

  1. Daily self-development. Make sure that you spend time each morning doing something that helps you improve yourself.

  2. Exercise and diet. You want to exercise and eat well or you don't. That means if you don't then you care about other things more. Simple fact. I exercise first thing in the morning. I do this so that my day starts by feeling good. Exercise makes you feel good. Eating well is another big one. Food will either give energy or take it away. Everything in life is a choice. You choose to be healthy and happy or not.

  3. Be grateful. Write down a minimum of three or four things that you are thankful for. I keep a journal but you can feel free to use a notebook. Just try this. Spending time thinking about what you have going on that is good in your life starts your day with positivity.

  4. Meditation. In the morning start the day with meditation. Spend at least ten minutes each day just clearing your mind. This helps with anxiety and depression.


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