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Finding the Right Diet for Your Lifestyle

By Luci Fardo

I want to talk to you about finding the right diet for your lifestyle and health. I have to admit that I tried #AIP protocol diet. I failed. I made it one week and said no. It was far too restrictive for me. If my #lupus or #MCTD was active I may have lasted longer. It wasn't for me. I understand that it works for a lot of people. It really affected my exercise routine. I didn't have any energy. I decided to go back to some grains. I am personally not eating specific things like processed food and some other things. I figured I would share some of what I am doing. I basically am eating 90/10. This means that 90% of the time I follow a diet and ten percent I eat treats of things less healthy for me. I am going to list below things that cause my #lupus and #rheumatoid to flare up. It doesn't hurt to try, right?

  1. Corn

  2. Gluten

  3. Milk

  4. Processed foods

  5. too much coffee

  6. Alcohol

  7. Peanut butter

  8. Legumes

My diet that has worked for me is a well-balanced diet of fresh and cooked vegetables, meat, some grains such as oatmeal, sourdough bread, oat bread, potato bread, I also eat a ton of fruit. Drink a lot of filtered water as well. I eat as small of an amount of processed food as possible. I do eat tuna fish in the pouches. I do eat some cereal occasionally. I hope that my diet will help someone else.



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