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Find Your Purpose in Life

This is a subject that I am sure crosses everyone's mind at different times in life. This is something that most people go through. I used to wonder what my purpose was when I was young. When things get boring we always search for new challenges. I used to come up with stories in my head for years before I put the pen to the paper. I know a lot of reasons that people don't try to achieve things as they get older or become settled in one thing is that we are afraid of something new. The unknown seems so fearful and I am speaking from experience because in my twenties I was riddled with anxiety and crippling fear. If I I can apply for promotions at work, write that book, and start this blog than anyone can chase those dreams. If your passion to be become a fitness trainer. If that's the case go to the YMCA and apply for a side job. If you want to go to school just go to the school and apply and check into grants and financial aid. The most successful people in this world don't take no for an answer and keep at it until they succeed. Don't say, I can't do that. Say, "How can I do that" and then find a way.

1. Make a list of what makes you really excited and what you are truly passionate about.

2. Identify the opportunities that are around to make it happen. Look at other people in that field and how they achieved it. If it's volunteer work at a church or for a foundation, you could start by volunteering a few hours a week or month. You get the idea by now I think.

3. Don't confuse money for passion. Sometimes the passion and purpose don't pay well, but if it's passive income that you are earning from that is a plus. The most important thing is to find fulfillment.

4. I'll close by saying that one of the most common regrets in life are not following passion and not taking risks.

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