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"Exploring the Charm of Georgia: A Perfect Vacation Destination"

By Luci Fardo

It is that time of year when most of us are taking our vacations. Lazy days of summer when the sunshines bright and you finally have the time to get out of the office and go somewhere special. This year we decided to go to Tybee Island, Savannah, and Charleston, SC. While we were there we had a lot of fun and a lot of #gluten free food. That is not always easy to do. Our condo was 200 ft from the beach and in the mornings we were able to take leisurely walks and occasional swims. I thought I would share some of the different things you can do while you are there.

We spent one day on a tour of Savannah by trolley. They take you to all of the local sites and tell you the stories of Savannah. Savannah is the most haunted city in the USA and on our ghost tour we found out that the city was originally built on a Native American burial site. The city was the only one left intact during The Civil War. The war that burned nearly all the south. You can visit the local city center and find information about all the tours and activities you can do in Savannah.

The food was amazing. I had lunch at a restaurant in Tybee Island that had amazing food and a lot of options that were #gluten-free. This place had the best bacon-wrapped oysters with jam and french fries that were to die for. It is called #Pier 16. If you go there you won't walk away with an empty stomach!

Everyone deserves time to vacation and relax spend time with your family. I work 7 days a week. I work at my gym as a fitness instructor and also for a company as a team lead. This can sometimes be stressful. When I first arrived at our condo I was suddenly feeling out of sorts because I am usually following a schedule that allows me to complete a ton of work every day. I decided that while on vacation aside from a few texts from work that I was going to detox. In the mornings I was able to do yoga. Which was wonderful. I was able to really sit down and spend time with my family. We hadn't gotten to spend so much time with Brian's parents in the five years I have known them. I am so grateful to have had the time with them.

Take the time off and travel. Go somewhere you haven't traveled before. Browse the tour destinations. We went on a really fun riverboat tour. I had always thought about doing that. They narrated the river in Savannah and told us so much about the harbor. Little did I know it is the second largest port in the United States. That's pretty amazing. A lovely German couple took a photo of myself and my husband on the riverboat.

One of the neatest things we did on our trip was a ghost tour in Savannah. I was finally able to see some of the places that I had only seeing on television. The tour takes place at 9 pm. You can even tour a house said to be haunted. It is a lovely house and has some interesting stories. There was said to be voodoo practiced in the basement. I plan on writing another blog article about the most haunted houses in the #ghost city tours.

We don't know how much time we have on this earth. We need really need to make sure that we spend time with the people we love. We need to fulfill the inner child in ourselves. Vacation is a time to celebrate life. I've decided to take a family vacation every summer. Next summer I'm planning a trip with my son and grandchildren. This will be another time to spend quality time with them. As, you get older you really start to realize how short this life is. This year I made sure I earned this vacation. I worked a lot of long hours and put a lot of sweat into this break. I am back now recharged and ready to grind at the list of goals I have. Make sure you get out and take time from your goals. Heal your mind, body, and soul. It helps you refocus on what you want and appreciate the people you have in your life.



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