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Dealing with Pain During the Holidays

By Luci Fardo

The holiday season is a happy time for most people. For some they are dealing with pain. There are those

suffering from #pain. This is hard for them during this happy time. Some of our friends and family suffer from chronic pain. Frequent trips to the doctor for tests make this a stressful time. With the holiday season here I would like to share some tips to help you get your symptoms under control. This way you can keep the pain at bay.

1. Don't overcommit

During the holiday season there is a tremendous amount of pressure to decorate, cook, clean, and volunteer. This can cause additional stress on your mind and body. This can cause the amount of pain you suffer from to increase. Instead of trying to do too much try instead to scale back and pace yourself. Don't take on more than you can handle.

2. Take care of yourself

The holiday season brings a lot of indulgence. This can cause a lot of dietary problems for many. With most chronic pain it seems this tends to aggravate it. You can combat this by getting enough sleep, stay hydrated, limit or avoid alcohol, avoid large heavy meals, and try to exercise. This will also help keep diabetes and other illness in check.

3. Manage your emotions

We love the holidays but they can cause some anxiety and depression. These emotions can cause chronic pain to flare up. Unfortunately, these emotions can make chronic pain worse. Think about things that you have done in the past to manage the emotions you are experiencing. Next, create a plan to prevent them before they start. Try meditation or working with your doctor to provide a plan.

4. Embrace laughter

Social scenes this time of year can be a little stressful. This is especially true when other people don't understand your pain. Try to surround you with friends and family who understand. Also have some tv shows, books, or movies on hand to help distract you from pain. Remember laughter is great for pain and stress. e tv shows, books or movies on hand to help supplement that lightness when you aren’t getting what you need from those around you. Whatever it takes, laughter is a great pain and stress reliever, especially during the holiday season.

5. Divide the Work

Dividing the work you need to do is an excellent way to take ease the pain and stress. Cut back on the amount of desserts that you prepare for family and friends. Try to divide your work into smaller steps. Make the cookie dough and wait another day to bake them. Enlist help from your family and friends. Have a get together and make those sweet treats together. You will have help and memories to go along with it.


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