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Dealing with Life When Things are Going Wrong

Luci Anya Fardo

I can remember as a child getting upset when things were going wrong. I would say this sucks! Life isn't fair. I can still remember my mom saying, "Grow up, life is not fair and you better get used to it now, girl." She was right. I can remember if I had one bad thing go wrong in the morning saying, "Well, the entire day is ruined now!" I had a pretty easy childhood. My sister's told me I was spoiled. The problem of that is that I carried that attitude into adulthood. The idea that so many have today about fairness in everything.

The honest truth is that life isn't fair. Everyone is fighting battles of their own. You learn who a person is when they are going through a difficult time. Do you quit? I don't. I push through. I go ahead and do my best. Sometimes you don't always do as well. People are a lot stronger than they think they are. This is a part of truly growing up and facing life. What can you learn and appreciate from those adversities? If nothing else the problems I have had made me realize how strong I was. It wasn't easy at the time.

This week I finally got what I had wanted the most to be team lead. I had just gotten married. Right after that my mom got really sick and she is dying. I'm writing this because in between all of this I realized how blessed I was to have had her for so long. She is 91 years old. Imagine that. I can't really think that far ahead. I have been thinking about her and remembering all of the love she gave me.

If you hit a low point and things go wrong you must go on. You must focus on each task and be mindful. Remember that everything that happens to you has happened to someone else. Perfect moments in life are rare and that is why they are so special. We must take the good with the bad and push forward. I hope that my message today helps someone.


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