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Dangerous People

By Luci Fardo

   Things have been so busy in my life lately. Chiropractor visits which I recommend. They are absolutely awesome. I have been working at the gym and my job as a manager. We are super busy and I love the people there. When you spend so much time at work you get to know a lot of people. In your personal time you have friends and family you surround yourself with.

    I have seen a lot of people and family that are negative. You will meet and see people who may be critical of you. You have to listen to what they say and take the value of it. Ask yourself is the criticisim legitimate or is it not. You may have a position you are applying for or it can be a personal project. If you are round someone who criticizes you all the time break away from them. That is not healthy in this life and will only bring you down

    Another message I have is when you have that friend or coworker who says, " I can't get a break and my life is terrible. You can't surround yourself with people who are like that. You can be the most encouraging person in the world and they will rob you of your enthusiasm and potentially derail you. Everyone has tough times in their life. I have sat and looked at what was wrong and hustled and worked very hard to make the necessary changes to improve my life.

    You need to surround yourself with people who are willing to work hard and hustle. Surround yourself with people who will help make you better. Spending your time with people you can learn from.

    Jealous people are toxic. People who are always critical of what other people do. They are the one's who talk about people negatively that get promotions. I can't be around that kind of environment. I'm happy to see people succeed. I want to watch them and find out how they did it. Most of the time I know the answer to that. They outworked people and took advantage of mentors and earned it. I don't want anything given to me because I want to earn it.

    Find something you want to do. If you want to get in shape go to the gym. You can also learn martial arts or yoga. Have that desire to be better at everything you do. You can channel energy into this and get better. Go from being someone insecure and a failure to someone who is very successful at.

    Don't give yourself an excuse. Come up with solutions. Everyone has that little voice in their head that says, "You don't have to do that." Go ahead and sleep in it will say. Don't listen to it. Create discipline. If you have to get a calendar and plan the day. If you put it on the calendar and make it a priority it will change your life.

     If you want to create content you have to sit at the computer and write. There are days that I don't get to write in my blog and it makes me sad. I feel so much peace when I am creating content. Sometimes just sitting in front of the computer I will have ideas. I have been practicing yoga and meditation and it is so helpful to have new ideas and ways to manage my life in new ways.

    Failure has taught me so much more from success. It happens to us all. Don't become one of the negative people and define yourself by them. Move on and learn from them. Keep your expectations high. Don't listen to negative people if you make a mistake. Failure is hard, but in order to succeed you will never do so without making mistakes. I see them as opportunities to be a better person and to learn. Keep working towards your goals and never give up.


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