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Daily Habits for Healthy and Happier Mind

By Luci Phillips

Over the past few years I have been working on becoming happier. I realize that life is short and being happy is the most important thing in life. I wanted to share some of the things that I changed in my life that you could adopt in yours. I am truly happy with my life. I am satisfied with the journey to my goals in life. I have a list of #goals and I check each one off every time I reach one.

Think about the present moment that you are in. When you take a walk try not to focus on the destination. Instead focus on your surroundings and the journey. Reaching goals is wonderful but so is the journey. There is a quote by #Robert Holden and it is: "Beware of destination addiction. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else it will never be where you are."

Change the response you have to events that occur in your life. You can't control the situation but you can change you react to it. Change how you feel and this will change your outcome.

Another positive thing you can change in your life to become #happier is to your thought process as well as how you speak. Focus on the positives instead of negative. Be careful of the words you use. Do you say that you can't get your work finished on time or do you say "I hope I can get my work finished on time." It really helps to change what you say.

Don't compare yourself with other. Develop a habit of shifting comparison. A lot of times you don't realize you are comparing yourself with other people. Pay attention. If you compare yourself it will create self-doubt and fear. When someone succeeds you see the results of their work. You don't see the journey they took to succeed. Be happy for them. This can change jealousy and anger to #motivation and #inspiration. This will change make you happier.

Use self-care for your mind. We need to take care of our emotional pain. We go to doctors when we are sick or injured. When you have emotional pain or are overwhelmed with stress talk to a therapist. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who is trained to listen and can help you set up a plan to address the issues. This in turn will help you to become #happier.


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