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Change and Adapt

By Luci Fardo

Today I was thinking while I walked as I often do. I thought about how moving to second shift and Brian going back to work has completed changed and disrupted our lives. I am a person who has always planned and created schedules and routines. This way I can get the most accomplished possible. I work as a manager at a really big corporation and I also work on other projects. The personal goals I have set for fitness I strive to meet each day. We have been sick and it seems like I have found more excuses and complaints lately than solutions and positivity. This to me is unacceptable and while I walked I thought about solutions and alternatives. I turned on a motivational podcast and tried to set the mood to come up with solutions.

When I got home I went straight to my office and sat down with a pen and a paper and started writing. I created a daily routine for each day of the week that allowed time for me to accomplish all that I need to do each day to meet my goals and objectives. Sometimes that is what it takes in life when things change and are not in our control. Take control of your life and assess it and make the changes that are needed. I thought about how a fresh sheet of paper blank and empty represented the possibility of change. I have always loved to make lists and goals to complete. I spent time and found easy solutions to what in the beginning had seemed so daunting and difficult.

There is always something wonderful about starting over. When it comes to what is possible we are only a small light in a sky. Sometimes you have to make changes to make the impossible possible. You can always make changes to make what you want happen. Adversity is always going to be there. If we look for excuses instead of solutions we will never meet our goals. Look for the beauty in change and in living life on your own terms. The value in completing your goals can not be underestimated in the way that you feel about yourself. You are writing your own story each day of your life. You want it to be one when you are old that you can smile and be without regret of the things you didn't try.

So I began again with a fresh sheet of paper. I rearranged my life in such a way that I will be able to work on completing the next chapter of my life. We want to shine a light on the people and things we love and smile at the horizon. We want to breathe in the air and laugh until we cry. We want to dream like there is no tomorrow. Know that you can create things that do not exist. See beauty of life when others only see darkness. Someday you can make what is in your imagination a reality.

Before you can get where you are planning on going you have to start somewhere. Acknowledge what you want and make sure that what you are chasing is more important than what you left behind. Make sure that you try to make your dreams come true. Everyone's dreams are different for each other. Chase that dream with everything you have. Don't ever brush out life's possibilities. Don't just sit in the office daydreaming about what you want.

Everything of value is difficult. The most meaningful things take struggle. That promotion at work can be scary. That book you want to write is harder than anything you have ever done. Learning to play that instrument when you are older is hard. The most important dreams we have are going to be hard. The most difficult adversary you will ever face will be yourself. It will be setting your own limitations. It will be in giving in to the temptation to just settle for the way things are. Find courage to chase your dreams and refuse to let life humble you. I hope that you find a way to make that schedule so that you too can check those goals off your list that you made for yourself. I hope that you find success and live the happiest and fullest life possible.


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